Step by step banner guide for beginners.  

(Intended for people who do NOT have their own website to host a banner.)


Step 1.
When you receive the banner in your email,
right-click on it and save it to your desktop (or somewhere you will be sure to find it again).

Step 2.
Now get the web address you want the banner to go to when clicked.
Copy and paste it into your texteditor for later use.
     Step 3.

Go to: http://www.photobucket.com
Photobucket currently offers FREE image hosting and allows direct linking.
(Please consider making a donation if you use their services. It is VERY
difficult to find reliable FREE image hosting, so the more donations they
get the more likely their services will be continued.)
Register for a free account (top right side). You'll receive a confirmation
email with a link to complete registration.
     Step 4.
Go to your email account, find the Photobucket confirmation email and click
the link in the message. It'll take you to the confirmation page; click the link
that contains your Photobucket username.
Now log in.
    Step 5.
Click on the button with 'Browse...'. A new window will open; find the banner
on your desktop and upload. Then hit the submit button on the Photobucket page.
    Step 6.
Now you should see below a tiny picture of the banner you just uploaded and
three boxes with code. Highlight the code in the upper box, copy and paste it
in your texteditor, right below the web address you put there earlier so it looks like this:



To make things as easy as possible for the advertising site, you can write it like this:

Banner Location:




WARNING! Be sure to use your own links and NOT the one in this example!