An effective banner design can make the difference between an unsuccessful and successful banner ad campaign.
Helpful Tips

Use the word "Free" in your banner:
Depending on what's offered, the word "FREE" can increase Click Rates. For example, offering a FREE software demo gets a good response. Offering FREE money arouses suspicion since people will want to know what the catch is.

Give a benefit for clicking on your Banner:
For example, "Do you want more traffic?" or, "Need help with taxes?" The answer to the question will be on your web site.

Keep the message short:
Simple Banners have higher Click Rates than unfocused, wordy Banner.

Feature a call to action:
Placing a "Click here" or "Submit" graphic image on your Banner can significantly improve your Click Rate.

Refresh or change your Banners frequently:
Studies have shown that Click Rates drop significantly after 2 weeks. The Click Rate usually increases when a new Banner appears.
To find the most effective Banner Design for your business, you must go through a period of testing. Testing means that you run a Banner over a period of time and measure the results (i.e. Click Rates and resulting sales). Then you change one thing about the Banner Design, such as a color or a font change, and run that Banner over a period of time and measure the results. The Banner Designs that result in the most sales should be the types of Banners you use for your Banner campaigns.