1. How many revisions can I request to the banner you design?


One revision is fine. After that, minor revisions will be considered for free,

but major revisions will incur a charge of $5 each.


2. What payment methods do you accept?


We accept PayPal payments only.


3. How long will it take? When I can have my banner ready?


After you submit your order we will design a banner proposal for you

within 24-48 hours. You can then review this proposal and ask for

modifications and corrections if necessary. We will complete your final

banner with 72 hours, normally less.


4. Do you give discounts for bulk orders?


This will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


5. What if I don't want my banners included in your portfolio?


It you do not want your banner to be featured in our portfolio,

simply let us know and we will not include it.


7. Do I get a few designs to choose from?


You get one design and we will work on it to suit your taste during the revision  



8. How many revisions do I get?


You get one revision included in the base price.

Further modifications will incur an additional fee if they are non-trivial.


9. What kind of change can I request in a revision?


You CAN request:

Color changes, text postioning, text size, spelling.

or re-wording a sentence.


You CANNOT request:

Re-design from scratch, re-wording the enitre message, animation changes,

or a different banner size (eg from a 468x60 to 120x60).